Social Security Contributions for Self-Employed

In Malta, we have a system of contribution to the government’s expenditure and maintenance of social welfare through the Social Security Contributions. With regards to employees registered with an employer, social security contributions are deducted by the employer from the monthly salary and paid by the employer to the respective department.

With respect to self-employed individuals, payment needs to be made every quarter to the Commissioner for Revenue. The working is based on the number of Mondays in each month for which the contribution will be payable.

The workings are based also on the weekly wage of the self-employed individual and different brackets are available with respect to the income earned. These guidelines are classified between individuals born before 1961 and after 1962. Once the basic weekly wage is exceeded, the Contribution would amount to the maximum bracket, one needs to take 10% of the weekly wage capped at an amount depending on the category one would fall in for Class 1 Contributions.

The below are the rates which can be found on the website of the Commissioner for Revenue for basis year 2019.

Class 2 Contributions apply to individuals who earn more than EUR 910 per annum from self-occupation or income form rents, investments or capital gains.

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