Staff Outsourcing

Erremme Business Advisors offers accounts temp. services as it understands that for businesses the engagement of a full-time accountant may be costly and financially infeasible.

The provision of these services is flexible and in line with the client’s needs.  Erremme gives the possibility of having an in-company accounts clerk or accountant for a time period the business deems necessary.  With Erremme’s expertise, the business is provided with trained members of staff that understand the client’s processes and accounting needs. These services are backed by professional accountants who, whilst supporting the accounting staff, liaise with the client on any accounting related issue that may arise during the term of the engagement. Our junior accounting staff provides accounting services ranging from posting and updating accounting records to the preparation of a trial balance and liaising with the client’s auditor. Temporary backup services to catch up with any backlog or to assist the client’s accountant during the audit period are also available.

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