Islamic Finance

Islamic finance is growing in popularity as institutions are increasingly adopting some sort of Islamic finance practices. Malta is one of the jurisdictions pushing forward the practice of Islamic Finance.

Erremme Business Advisors (EBA) is one of the first Maltese firms with the right experience to offer advice when it comes to companies interested in investing and availing of the benefits that Islamic Finance brings with it.

What is Islamic Finance?

Islamic finance concerns financial services systems that are consistent with Islamic (Sharia) law. Islamic law prohibits usury, the collection and payment of interest, and investing in businesses that are considered unlawful, or haraam – such as businesses that sell pork or alcohol, or businesses that produce media such as pornography, which are contrary to Islamic values.

Why choose Malta?

There are various reasons for choosing Malta:

  • The island’s strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, hence its proximity to North African countries
  • The language: since English is one of Malta’s official languages, Malta can be an ideal place to host Islamic finance training institutions
  • Highly developed financial centre
Why choose us?

Erremme forms part of IsFiN (Islamic Market Advisors), the world’s leading advisory for the Emerging Markets focusing mainly on Islamic Finance. Boasting a presence in 75 countries, IsFin focuses on giving advice on the global Islamic economy and the halal industry. Being specialists in Islamic Finance, IsFin ensures Shariah-compliant investments worldwide.

Through IsFin we can provide you with a unique “one stop-shop” composed of some of the finest professionals in the world. We can also help you expand your business with the Islamic markets and get a tailor made global solution.

Thanks to IsFin our corporate advisory is the broadest to deal with the Islamic markets. In fact we can assist you from the definition of your initial strategy to the implementation and delivery of your project locally.

Our experience

The Director and Founder of Erremme, Reuben Buttigieg, has years’ of experience in Islamic Finance. Apart from giving consultation advice to businesses seeking to expand in this sector, Mr Buttigieg has also written and published several articles on the subject in various business magazines and newspapers.

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