At Erremme we have vast experience in guiding you through the aircraft registration process. We ensure that you achieve this in the most efficient and shortest time possible.

We provide you with the right advice when it comes to registering your aircraft under different categories of ownerships, i.e.:

  • Whether for private or public use
  • Sole ownership
  • Fractional ownership or trustees
  • EU/EAA/Swiss nationals or International Registrants

With the introduction of the Aircraft Registration Act in 2010, the services offered in Malta when it comes to the aviation sector expanded. Since the implementation of this Act there has been a significant increase in the number of registered aircrafts in Malta. In fact, according to the current aircraft registry list, 262 aircrafts have been registered in Malta as of September 2017.

Operators who set-up a company in Malta may benefit from the highly attractive finance leasing rules which minimise the tax burden considerably. A favourable tax treatment for operating leases is also available.

Companies can also avail of various tax credit schemes and other incentives offered by Malta Enterprise.

Today aviation accounts for 2.5% of Malta’s GDP and supports over 5,000 jobs. This growth is partly thanks to Malta’s effective legislation which allows for:

  1. The registration of an aircraft while still under construction;
  2. The recognition of fractional ownership;
  3. The regulation of trust agreements in relation to aircraft.

At Erremme, we have the ideal professionals that can help you with all your aircraft registration needs.

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