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Business Start-up

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The time preceding the start-up of a business may be the most exciting time an entrepreneur faces. This time can be hallmarked by uncertainty and anxiety unless these challenges are limited by the backing of a consultant with experience in these initial stages of a business. During this process, EBA guides clients on the operational and financial aspects of starting-up and the statutory aspects of the business involved.

Several meetings will be held for us to understand the business, concept or idea being promoted by the client. Through various discussions with the client we give clear-cut advice.

EBA is constantly in search of best practice, innovative and entrepreneurial ideas used and developed by the best business start-up consultants and founders, integrating them with its own. Start-up services are provided to sole traders as well as company or partnership promoters.

Start-up services may include:


  • Business feasibility analyses
  • Business planning, modelling and structuring
  • Business strategy
  • Marketing planning
  • Company formation
  • Tax planning
  • Financial forecasting
  • Assistance with the acquisition of finance