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Described as one of the best places to reside worldwide, Malta is reputed to be an ideal choice for prospective investors seeking to do business in Malta. The island has been a member state of the European Union since 2004 and was admitted to the United Nations in 1964.

The services we offer empower hundreds of people – from individuals and self-employed to entrepreneurs shaping the world’s most iconic businesses – to build the business they have always desired.

Malta lies at the centre of the Mediterranean, 288 km north of Africa and 93 km south of Sicily. Boasting political stability, a sound banking system and a very low crime rate, Malta is an ideal European financial hub with strong connections in both North Africa and the Middle East. The country enjoys over 300 days of sunshine, attractive beaches and 7,000 years of history.

Malta also boasts a strong presence of foreign direct investment (FDI) thanks to its efforts in creating an ideal environment for foreign investors.
Erremme also specialises in tax advice and Malta company formation. Our team of talented advisors assist clients in this regard both in Malta and also on an international scale.

Other interesting factors about Malta:

  • Language

    English is one of Malta’s official languages along with Maltese. Italian is also spoken by the majority of the Maltese.

  • Currency

    Apart from being a member of the EU, Malta also holds the Euro as its official currency.

  • Accessibility

    Malta is quite accessible with direct flights to and from all major cities in Europe and North Africa.

  • Infrastructure

    Malta’s Information Technology infrastructure is renowned worldwide – that is why it is constantly referred as a Smart Island.

  • Capital City

    Malta’s capital city, Valletta, is the European Capital of Culture this year (2018). It is also a popular destination thanks to its architecture and historical buildings.

  • A Skilful Workforce

    When it comes to finding top talents in ICT and the financial sector, Malta guarantees an employee base with a high skill-set and also value for money as wages are highly competitive.

  • Safety

    Malta has constantly been regarded as one of the safest countries in the world (according to various UN World Risk Reports).


Establishing holding companies in Malta is ideal thanks to benefits such as the participation exemption, double tax relief and also Malta’s effective tax rate – which is the lowest in Europe.

With the help of Malta Enterprise, Malta is also in a position to offer a range of incentives that promote investment in various sectors.

Private Client

When it comes to private clients, Malta offers highly
attractive personal tax schemes.

When it comes to taxation, Malta levies no taxation on foreigners’ worldwide income, but only on income which is locally sourced as well as foreign income received in Malta. There are also various schemes which foreigners can benefit from including several Residence Programmes. For individuals coming from the UK, it is important to note that Malta is one of the jurisdictions which meet HMRC regulations for a UK Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS).


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